2013 Burberry polo shirt collections

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Burberry polo at the end of the current fiscal year to 83 million pound termination payment and the France International Perfume company nearly 20 years of partnership. Excluding certain items, the company's pre-tax profit was 428 million pounds for the fiscal year, compared with market expectations of higher 2%. As of March 31, the end of a fiscal year, the sales revenue is 2 billion pounds, an increase of 8%.

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As companies shift from wholesale to retail-oriented plan, company retail revenue share is three-fourths the second half of the fiscal year, revenues grew 12%, wholesale revenues dropped by 1% in the same period. But burberry polo shirt also gave warning on net profit performance in the first half of the new fiscal year, said the company in a new market of rapid expansion of retail and wholesale business transformation will have an impact on profits. Burberry also announced that it would increase dividend amount 16% to 29 pence per share, the share price had risen to a year high of 15.45 pounds per share, and end up 5.4% to close at 15.42 pound per share.